knowing when to quit

i’ve been meaning to quit drinking for the longest time. loking back.. i think i’ve been drinking for the past hmmm….. let me see….  12 years maybe.

countless time i’ve OD-ed, drove back too drunk to remember, broken my heart, hurt someone’s heart and etc etc.

i know ther’e only more harm than fun with alcohol.

my love hate relationship with alcohol started last year when at the very last straw i was going to loose the one person i loved. It was either make or break. at that time… i decided to quit. it lasted for maybe 10 months. and all it took was going out with some friends and i decided to have a sip of wine.

That was it! i was back to square one. I just couldn’t control my drinks. I always tell myself to just have a few but ended up i’ll be in auto-mode after that few.

So now….. the time has come. I have to STOP!!!! STOP drinking alcohol. Please help my dear griends. Please give words of encouragements.

I want to be a better person here and i want to be loved by God. I have took the first step. By knowing and realizing that this is my problem. I want to quit. And this time it’s for good.


~ by mzulaikha on August 5, 2008.

2 Responses to “knowing when to quit”

  1. “It works if you work it, so work it, you’re worth it.”

    Hang in there! =)

  2. Thanks Eve!

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