Good hair makes my day

Good morning peeps… Driving to work, i was just thinking – my hair does affect my mood for the day.

I usually wash my hair every other day. After the the wash, I’ll have to blow dry and then iron it straight. Although it takes a good hour – but the after effect is smooth and straight hair. It lifts up my spirits right away and gives me a confidence boost! With good hair, i’ll make the extra effort to put on nicer clothes and spray on my favourite parfum.

i feel like Gisele!

If i don’t wash my hair when it’s due, it will be limp and greasy. There are days when I’m just too plain lazy. I’ll just put it up in a pony-tail. hehehhe…
The only way to discribe bad hair is – disgusting! And these are also the days when i don’t want to meet people and am not bothered to dress-up.

Ok, so… from now on…. i must not be lazy anymore! The effort i put in milks results which than makes me look at the world in a whole different light.

Peace world! ♥


~ by mzulaikha on July 30, 2008.

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