Giving praises where necessary

I’ve never been fond to give praises to people. Maybe it is the product of my up-bringing…

Growing up, my father was really strict on all of us – including my mother. He was the “bread-winner” for the family and my mother was the home maker. Dad grew up in a strict family too.

Dad don’t shower us kids with praises and affection. Maybe he was not use to that either. But his praises came when we accomplished something like winning competitions or got A’s in exams. Being the only daughter, I grew up always wanting to please him. I strive to be the best – just like my brother. What ever they can do, i must be able to do; if not better.

Where is this leading me? Well, I’ve learnt that people like praises…. people like getting complements. I’ve learnt that by giving complements, people actually warm up to you. So i will try to find something nice to say when i meet people. But the trick is to be genuine.

Example: If you meet an old friend – say something like “you’re looking good babe!” or  “i like your top, where did you get it?”
Trust me, it’s an instant ice-breaker. Try it.

Ok. Getting back on track – how have my journey been so far?

  1. To discover in improvement about myself everyday – I’m keeping up. Trying hard to manage my anger. Whenever i say something that might sound hurtful or angry, i take a step back and calm myself down. hehehehhe…. shit man it sounds worst than it seems. but hey, i’m trying.
  2. To love and be loved – i’m being kind to my family members and also my partner. This is going very good. I think my mother realizes it too 😉

 Ok… have a great day at work!


~ by mzulaikha on July 29, 2008.

One Response to “Giving praises where necessary”

  1. drop it like its hot… hehhehe… test test…

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