Its a brand new day!

Happy Sunday!

I did it!!! i manage to change myself. I can be a better person!!!! Thanks to the lord. Anything is possible if you want it to be. Don’t be ashamed of changing. Don’t be ashamed of improving yourself. Because at the end of the day… you are becoming a better person as a whole.

Yesterday, it was hard to begin. But whhat i realized is that i become a more calm person.

So, today, i want to learn to be a more loving person.


5 actions for a successful relationship
(by Meditation for Women)

Do you go thru the day spending much of your thinking time judging yourself or others?, Or do you make the spiritual attribute of kindness to yourself and others, including your partner, your highest priority?

People in successful relationship treat themselves and their partners with kindness – kind words, kind actions, kind looks, kind listening, and kind thoughts. It is far more important to be kind than to control their partner with anger, judgement, criticism, irritation, blame, resistance or withdrawal.

Do not make your partner responsible for your feelings. When you feel angry, hurt, anxious, depressed, resedntlful, irritated, guilty, or shamed – look within your own thoughtsand behaviour that may be causing your painful feeling.

Learn how to manage your own feelings without dumping your upset to your partner. When you can’t manage your own feelings, get the help you need rather than dump anger, blame, anxiety or depression onto your partner.

Take responsibility for managing your own time and space in ways that work for yourself and your partner. Make sure you have enough time with each other to talk, learn, resolve conflict, play and make love. Than, make sure you have time with your children, time for chores, time for work and time for relaxation.

Strive to make your living space and environment pleasant for both of you rather than either of you complying, controlling, or resisting. Because your highest priority is kindness to yourself and to each other.

Successful couples make sure that they not only earn enough o support themselves, but they learn how to manage their money in ways that do not create stress for themselves or their partner. Have a mutual understanding of what to do with your money.

When 2 people care deeply about themselves and each other, they strive to take care of their physical health. Loving partners do not behave in ways that cause their partner to fear for their wellbeing.

Therefore – successful relationships don’t just happen. They are the result of each person taking physical, emotional, financial, organizational, and spiritual responsibility within their relationship.

This not only apply to you and your husband or boyfriend. It must also apply to your everyday life – you must also apply it in relationship with your parents, your siblings, friends, and also working colleagues.

Happy Sunday 🙂


~ by mzulaikha on July 27, 2008.

One Response to “Its a brand new day!”

  1. Hello!!! THANK YOU for linking me Wher did you get my blog link btw? Keep up the good work of changing to be a better person coz I never can… I tend to be weirder by the day 😛

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