30th new year for me

•January 2, 2009 • Leave a Comment

Happy new year!!! it’s the 30th year that i’m celebrating. And this year has been a rather quiet one for me. It still haven’t kicked in yet.

This new year, i feel the urge to have some resolutions that i want to work on.

1.   To respect others like how i want to be respected.

2.   To live healthyly – eat, exercise, friendship, love, family.

3.   To make new friends

4.   To love myself more.

5.   To find a new career path.

I’ll add as i go on from now on. Meanwhile, I’ll start working on them rightaway.


getting into the groove

•November 2, 2008 • Leave a Comment

Sorry for the long absence. Excuse me i’ve been busy with life…. heheh

With all the things happening around me, i fell more content and grateful. My life has been one big blessing after another since a couple of months ago.

Right now, I should start having a routine or ritual of some sore. I’m now living a life of a robot. Wake up, shower, work, home, dinner, sleep. I’ve not created space and activities of “me time” – which i should.

To start, i’ve been going for walks. That’s a good me time. I should start going back to manicures and pedicures. Window shopping 😀 and going out with girlfriends more often.

Ok… that’s what i should do to begin with. Let’s not be too ambitious and not even begin with anything.

you are what you think you are

•August 7, 2008 • 2 Comments

that’s right folks!!! as easy as it sounds….. your mind is the most powerful tool.

If you think like a confident and sexy bombshell… you WILL BECOME a confident and a sexy bombshell.

Eliminate all negative thoughts and always think happy thoughts and be positive. When ever you are having a bad day…. always remind yourself to switch back to positive mode and be happy!!!!

I’m currently reading a book called The Secret. I would recommend it to everyone.

Today I’m a confident, loveable, successful and a sexy bombshell person.

knowing when to quit

•August 5, 2008 • 2 Comments

i’ve been meaning to quit drinking for the longest time. loking back.. i think i’ve been drinking for the past hmmm….. let me see….  12 years maybe.

countless time i’ve OD-ed, drove back too drunk to remember, broken my heart, hurt someone’s heart and etc etc.

i know ther’e only more harm than fun with alcohol.

my love hate relationship with alcohol started last year when at the very last straw i was going to loose the one person i loved. It was either make or break. at that time… i decided to quit. it lasted for maybe 10 months. and all it took was going out with some friends and i decided to have a sip of wine.

That was it! i was back to square one. I just couldn’t control my drinks. I always tell myself to just have a few but ended up i’ll be in auto-mode after that few.

So now….. the time has come. I have to STOP!!!! STOP drinking alcohol. Please help my dear griends. Please give words of encouragements.

I want to be a better person here and i want to be loved by God. I have took the first step. By knowing and realizing that this is my problem. I want to quit. And this time it’s for good.

Being happy

•July 31, 2008 • 3 Comments

Have you ever been jealous of a friend who have accomplished something?

Have you ever been jealous of a friend because he is going out with a hot girl? Have you been jealous because your close friend just bought a new car? Have you been jealous because your best friend got married?

Well I have. And I am ashamed to say that is really low of me.
Why should i be jealous in the first place? Is it because i have not accomplished the same thing?

A really really close friend of mine got married a few years back and i was picked to be her maid of honour. How did i replied her honor? By being late for the wedding rehersals. By not being there to help her prepare for the big day. I regret what i did and i feel sorry for myself. THAT WAS STOOPID!

There was another time when a friend of mine was getting together with some other friends. And i has too busy with my own personal life. I was jealous of the fact that i was not invited to the gathering. WTF rite???? I was too busy to even catch up with them but i was jealous because they went out without me??? ANOTHER STOOPID ACT!!!!

Ok so i want to straighten myself up. I read somewhere:

“Being happy for others is not always easy. It is a feeling that often takes practice. You must learn to congratulate others. Attend special events for them like weddings or house warming parties and so on. Being happy for your friends is a challenge that requires you to put your personal disappointments to the side. You can be happy for a friends accomplishment while working on your own. care about the most, you often will have a much better friend. Continue to stay focused on your personal goals but be a good friend to your friends.”

Learning to be happy for others is not always easy. It is however, usually rewarding. If you learn to be happy for those you

“Most people are jealous for one simple reason. They are not happy with their own life. They see others accomplishing things that they would like to accomplish. The reality is if you don’t won’t to be jealous you have to begin to evaluate your own life. What is it that you want to accomplish? You have to ask yourself “Why haven’t I accomplished these things yet?” Being honest with yourself is the key here. If you want to reach your goals you have to determine why you have failed in the past or what is keeping you from getting where you want to be. Finally you need to determine what it will take to reach your goal.

Avoiding jealousy also begins with a change in attitude. For some of the single members of my group of friends, they had to decide that they would continue to be happy in their own life while they try to meet that special person. This is often the key when avoiding jealousy. It’s not always about how you get there or when you get there, as much as if you get there. You have to learn to be content as you continue to push toward your goal. “

So there you go! Please absorb what i’ve just written. And act on it. Because the friends that you have now will never ever be replaceable. You must cherish them and be happy for them no matter what the circumstances are.

I love you my friends and I am going to be there for you thru thick and thin.
Please forgive me if i have done you wrong and please forgive me if i have been rude to you in the past.

Good hair makes my day

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Good morning peeps… Driving to work, i was just thinking – my hair does affect my mood for the day.

I usually wash my hair every other day. After the the wash, I’ll have to blow dry and then iron it straight. Although it takes a good hour – but the after effect is smooth and straight hair. It lifts up my spirits right away and gives me a confidence boost! With good hair, i’ll make the extra effort to put on nicer clothes and spray on my favourite parfum.

i feel like Gisele!

If i don’t wash my hair when it’s due, it will be limp and greasy. There are days when I’m just too plain lazy. I’ll just put it up in a pony-tail. hehehhe…
The only way to discribe bad hair is – disgusting! And these are also the days when i don’t want to meet people and am not bothered to dress-up.

Ok, so… from now on…. i must not be lazy anymore! The effort i put in milks results which than makes me look at the world in a whole different light.

Peace world! ♥

Giving praises where necessary

•July 29, 2008 • 1 Comment

I’ve never been fond to give praises to people. Maybe it is the product of my up-bringing…

Growing up, my father was really strict on all of us – including my mother. He was the “bread-winner” for the family and my mother was the home maker. Dad grew up in a strict family too.

Dad don’t shower us kids with praises and affection. Maybe he was not use to that either. But his praises came when we accomplished something like winning competitions or got A’s in exams. Being the only daughter, I grew up always wanting to please him. I strive to be the best – just like my brother. What ever they can do, i must be able to do; if not better.

Where is this leading me? Well, I’ve learnt that people like praises…. people like getting complements. I’ve learnt that by giving complements, people actually warm up to you. So i will try to find something nice to say when i meet people. But the trick is to be genuine.

Example: If you meet an old friend – say something like “you’re looking good babe!” or  “i like your top, where did you get it?”
Trust me, it’s an instant ice-breaker. Try it.

Ok. Getting back on track – how have my journey been so far?

  1. To discover in improvement about myself everyday – I’m keeping up. Trying hard to manage my anger. Whenever i say something that might sound hurtful or angry, i take a step back and calm myself down. hehehehhe…. shit man it sounds worst than it seems. but hey, i’m trying.
  2. To love and be loved – i’m being kind to my family members and also my partner. This is going very good. I think my mother realizes it too 😉

 Ok… have a great day at work!